Ashtanga Led Half Primary Series


Led Ashtanga classes provide a complete practice through a focus on strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and meditation. It is both a very traditional and scientifically built style that has roots going back thousands of years. You see elements Ashtanga is almost all other Yoga classes you might take.
These classes are a set series of poses that focus on warming up the body, preparing it and constantly taking it to new levels. Every class will be near the same routine with slightly different challenges added in. This allows the student the proper time and focus to build up the fundamentals of a strong practice.

Difficulty is Open Level and you are encouraged to work at your own pace. The instructor guides the class and the students follow. As the student evolves their practice, they learn to personally identify with it through modifications according to ones own strengths, weaknesses, goals and more. Students new to Ashtanga are welcomed and encourage. Come practice with us in our cozy and intimate space.


Signing Up For Class

Register for class online by using the Account Registration form on this screen. Right side(desktop), bottom of the screen(mobile) then purchase and sign into the appropriate class through the mind/body system. You can find a link to our weekly schedule at the top of the screen or at the link directly below:

Once you’ve created an account, you can purchase a class at our ‘Online Store/Rates’ tab at the top of the screen or the link directly below:

Then either sign into class online or just show up.

If you have any trouble with this at all, we can take care of it at the studio.

November 19, 2016