North Shore Elite Nutrition

Nutrition is most often the #1 obstacle inhibiting people from reaching their health and fitness goals. There is no out-training a bad diet. Eating right can be very difficult in a world where we are constantly surrounded by fast food chains, unreliable food labels, fad diets, and unqualified coaches.

At North Shore Elite, we have an amazing team of certified nutrition professionals that can help guide you towards the best nutrition plan for you. What may work for one person might not be the best option for another person. Nutrition requires an individualized approach. Together, we will discover how to make your daily food intake convenient, delightful, and nutritious.


Our concierge nutritionists will motivate and support you throughout your journey through weekly check ups and adjustments. This may be done face to face, over the phone or e-mail. North Shore Elite also offers Web Meetings for convenience.

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July 4, 2016