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North Shore Elite Yoga is a cozy, personalized space located just outside of the town of Roslyn…..

Here, one can develop or enjoy a practice with the guidance of passionate, focused and experienced instructors. The studio offers all levels of drop in classes that run on a weekly basis and are suitable for both those that are brand new and those that are looking to advance a ‘Yoga’, ‘Meditation’ or ‘Personal Training’ practice. This includes a wide variety of classes such as Traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, Foundational(Beginner), Restorative, Power, Yin, Pranayama & Meditation, Kundalini, Gentle and more… This is the place for a student to build their practice with attention to detail.

Located at 24 Skillman Street, Roslyn, NY 11576.

Getting Started / First Time At The Studio

If you are new to the studio- It helps to plan to be 10-15 minutes early. It┬ásaves time to purchase and sign into your classes online, however if you have trouble, you can just show up and we will take care of this process at the studio. You can view the schedule below or the full schedule at the ‘Class Schedule’ tab at the top of the page.

How to Prepare

Wear non constrictive & comfortable clothes- Whether you are stretching out or meditating, you do not want to be uncomfortable. Nor do you want your clothes stopping you from achieving a pose. Socks interfere with balance work but they are acceptable in Restorative classes.

Try not to practice on a full belly & hydrate throughout the day- It’s recommended to eat no more than a small snack roughly one hour before class. Drink water throughout the day. Do not go overboard. We have water here for $1 per bottle if needed.

Read Class Descriptions- All classes are different. Some involve a lot of movement. Others work on creating stillness in the body and mind. Each class has a different amount/variation of meditation and breathing exercise attached. Have an idea of what your specific class is by reading our class descriptions. All Level and Beginner Level classes work for everybody.

Connecting to North Shore Elite Yoga On Social Media

The studio is active on Facebook and Instagram. Please ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ to connect with North Shore Elite Yoga on those platforms. You can access our instagram page directly above.

What Else?

The studio offers private 1 on 1 training and group training in fitness, Yoga, meditation and nutrition. North Shore Elite Yoga’s professionals are among the top in the business and the level attention is unmatched. Come work at the studio where we have a private fitness room and a private Yoga at our disposal or request an instructor travel to you.

Questions? Connect to us! (Phone #/E-mail optional)

July 4, 2016