Mark is a nationally certified ‘Personal Trainer’ and ‘Yoga instructor’. He has a background working directly with North Shore’s top doctors and nutritionists in the field of weight management. He specializes with client goals related to weight loss, flexibility and strength building.

With experience in teaching resistance exercise, martial arts and Yoga, he has the skill set to work with anyone. Mark’s early interest in fitness started with a martial arts practice. A desire to improve and grow further led him to Yoga. From there, he has cultivated a total physical wellness lifestyle that he has grown passionate about sharing with others.

His 7 years of training have been spent meeting the coaching needs of the North Shore community.  This includes a wide array of people and goals. Mark has successfully coached people through athletic events, obesity recovery and stress management issues. He also instructs group boot camps, boxing, kickboxing and Ashtangta Yoga classes/small group trainings.

As an avid learner, he enjoys constantly striving to get better at what he does. He has traveled all over the world, learning and developing his skill set. Outside of training, he holds a degree in Finance/Economics from Binghamton University. As a personal trainer he is certified by the American Council on Exercise(ACE). He is AED and CPR certified by The American Red Cross. He is also certified by the Yoga Alliance to teach Ashtanga Yoga.

July 27, 2016