North Shore Elite Personal Training

North Shore Elite is a studio in Roslyn that offers personal training services in programs such as…..

‘Weight Loss’

‘Adopting & Maintaining General Activity in Your Life’

‘Athletic Training’


‘Martial Arts’


We all have goals and often times having the personalized attention of an experienced professional gives us the best chance for success. The studio provides a quaint home-like environment with a full sized Yoga studio and fitness area with high quality weight lifting equipment. The instructors level of care, personalized attention and experienced is unmatched. Reach out to schedule for a consultation personal training session.

To get started, please fill out the registration tab(For PC this is on the right side of the page, For mobile this is on the bottom of the page) and tell us a little bit about your situation in the comment space. If you have any trouble with this you can e-mail us directly at or call/leave us a message at 516-835-4100. All levels of fitness, Yoga or meditation experience are encouraged. Each sessions are inspired to be unique and advance a client in some way.

An image of Shiatsu massage which is accompanied with personal training.

Sessions can be worked out to be a one time thing, bunch of sessions or long term commitment. The strategy and program build is completely dependent on the client’s situation and goals. The studio has professionals that are not just capable but highly skilled of multiple disciplines at once which include weight lifting, Yoga, boxing, kick boxing, meditation, aerobic cardio, martial arts and more. This versatility in skill set is something not seen in other professional instruction. Take advantage by reaching out today.

July 4, 2016