About NSE

A picture of the outside of the Roslyn Yoga studio

About North Shore Elite Yoga

A quaint home style studio that offers Yoga classes 7 days a week.  If you are serious about developing a Yoga practice or just looking for a relaxing Yin/Restorative class, you can count on NSEY to deliver! There’s a theme here that every class is an experience in itself. We believe that, like a person, the studio the classes and a Yoga practice are living-breathing organisms of their own and should be constantly evolving for the better.  Come away from the busyness of the town or Northern Blvd to our sanctuary at North Shore Elite Yoga where you can focus on the most important thing that matters- yourself and your well being. Even if we have other people in our lives that are important, when we are at our best, we can serve our loved ones better. Namaste.

Location is in Roslyn, New York, 24 ‘Skillman Street’.

North Shore Elite Yoga of Roslyn studio is located at 24 ‘Skillman Street’. ‘Skillman Street’ is a quiet mixed residential/commercial area across from what will soon be the ‘Roslyn Landing’ condominiums. You can get onto ‘Skillman Street’ from either ‘Bryant Ave’ or ‘Old Northern Blvd’. ‘Skillman Street’ is between bakery Diane’s and the restaurant ‘Kyma’. Once you turn on to ‘Skillman Street’, continue down towards the end. North Shore Elite Yoga is a blue building on the right. You can see the red sign, pictured below.

What is Yoga

Yoga is a mind/body practice. Within this general frame, it can be many different things. It can be vigorous exercise, it can be a gentle stretch or it can be a purely mental meditation practice.
Yoga is broadly defined as ‘union’ or ‘to merge together’.  This merging is found on many different levels. Merging breathing and movement. Mind and body. Stretching and strengthening. Exercise and every day life. Control and letting go. Effort and non effort. And much much more….

Is it for me?

Yoga is for the person that is looking for something more. Maybe something more in their exercise routine- Complimenting spinning or weight lifting with stretching. Maybe Yoga adds something more in your life such as a peaceful frame of mind. Yoga is meant to balance us out no matter what we need. In this sense, Yoga is for every body. Yoga is not religious but a spiritual practice. We simply search for a physical, breathing and mental practice that serves us.





Joyce is a gentle and incredibly knowledgeable former New York City based Yoga instructor with over a decade of teaching experience. A soul committed to Yoga, she is also a dedicated student of Yoga much longer than that.
Once working on wall street out of college, Joyce looked for ‘more’ in a Yoga practice and never looked back. She has a history running Yin Yoga workshops and classes in Manhattan. Now Joyce lives in Manhasset where she juggles being a mom or 2 young boys and head instructor at North Shore Elite Yoga.
Joyce is a specialist at Yin and Restorative Yoga. With a gentle personality and incredible knowledge and command of the practice and body work, Joyce’s Yin/Restorative classes are the Gold Standard for a reason. With Joyce’s knowledge, abilities and the setting, no one is in better position to guide you deeper into the practice.

In all her classes she enjoys designing and tailoring a Yoga practice to suit each individual’s needs while incorporating pranayama (breathe work) and therapeutic techniques that help to connect mind and body to ease pain, stress, and anxiety. Joyce has created challenging programs for athletes that incorporate the benefits of Yoga to increase mobility, flexibility and decrease recovery time while helping to prevent injury. To balance this, she also is capable of instructing incredibly relaxing Restorative classes that fit every level.

Joyce is certified at the 500 hour level with Yoga alliance and also holds a certification in Structural Yoga therapy as well as certification in Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. In addition, Joyce is certified as a Shiatsu therapist.


Mark is a passionate and incredibly versatile Yoga instructor. He is a believer that everyone has a potential way of integrating a Yoga practice into their lives and, more than anything, he enjoys guiding people to towards that goal. With classes that range from strong vigorous Ashtanga to relaxing Yin or silent Meditation, he has something for everyone.

Before becoming a Yoga instructor, Mark enjoyed and continues to enjoy a personal training career. Even before that he started as a regular commercial gym go-er and began martial arts. From there, Yoga started as a mindful tool to grow in flexibility for the martial arts and balance out resistance work. Eventually Yoga became much more and an integrated way of life for him.

Mark enjoys learning about and discussing the deep philosophies of all the branches of Yoga and meditation as well as all leading insights into medicine, the physical body and nutrition. He is also an avid traveler as he has spent time all over the world studying Yoga which include Indonesia and Thailand. Outside of Yoga and ‘Personal Training’, he has a Bachelors of Science in ‘Financial Economics’ from SUNY Binghamton and enjoys sports such as basketball and football.


Ora is a passionate, authentic and highly experienced instructor that is eager to share her energy and knowledge related to the practice and lifestyle of Yoga. She is a rare instructor that has an amazing ability to work with all body types and levels of Yoga while incorporating traditional roots and feel.

She specializes in traditional Hatha style. Her main class is Open Level in which students work to their own levels while sequences and poses are broken down into various levels. She also instructs Gentle Hatha which is essentially the same but much softer and mindful of people who need to be slower and watch their joints.

Ora integrates the practice of mantras, pranayama(breath), as well as wisdom from the ‘Yoga Sutras’ and other spiritual books into the Asana and meditation instruction.

Ora is originally from Israel and has been practicing Yoga since 2006. She is a Yoga alliance certified 500 hour advance yoga teacher (E-RYT). Ora holds additional certification to teach chair Yoga and children with special needs as well as a bachelors degree in Psychology.


Thalia began practicing yoga a decade ago and was instantly drawn to the beauty of breath-connected movement. As someone who has spent many years consistently developing her own practice, she loves to share her knowledge and create a sense of community around Yoga. She received her Yoga Teacher Certification in 2011.

Always a student at heart, Thalia’s passion lies in providing a class where students can cultivate flexibility, strength and growth through deep self-awareness, concentration, movement and breathing exercises. In a creative and safe way, her aim is to empower students to move beyond the limitations of the mind and connect to their authentic self and untapped potential.

December 1, 2017