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Drop In- $22


5 Pack- $120 $100
10 Pack- $220 $180
20 Pack $440 $320
Intro Pack 1 Week Unlimited- $30

For 1 on 1’s it may vary by instructor and thing you are looking for. We offer personal fitness training(private gym), Yoga privates, Meditation privates, Shiatsu Therapy, Nutrition guidance and more. Please inquire for consultation/quote. Visit the ‘Contact’ page at the top of the screen or by clicking here.


Class Descriptions

Led Ashtanga Vinyasa

Led Ashtanga classes provide a complete practice through a focus on strength, flexibility, balance and breathing. It is both a very traditional and scientifically built style that has roots going back thousands of years. You see elements Ashtanga is almost all other Yoga classes you might take. These classes are a set series of poses that focus on warming up the body, preparing it and constantly taking it to new levels. Every class will be near the same routine with slightly different challenges added in. This allows the student the proper time and focus to build up the fundamentals of a strong practice. Difficulty is Open Level and although there is constant movement, you are encouraged to work at your own pace. The instructor guides the class and the students follow. As the student evolves their practice, they learn to personally identify with it through modifications according to ones own strengths, weaknesses, goals and more.

Foundations of Yoga

This is a beginner level class that all levels of experience can utilize. The focus of this class is learning about and establishing the fundamentals of a strong Yoga practice in a small class environment. This includes breaking down the poses, introducing breathing exercises, short meditation and more.

Hatha Flow Yoga

In Yoga, Hatha is a broad term that refers to the physical practice. At North Shore Elite Yoga, Hatha practices are traditional with a blend of Asana(physical practice) and light breathing/meditation practice. North Shore Elite Yoga seeks to not just provide Yoga but to make each class a unique experience. These are ‘Open Level’ classes. Students are encouraged to work to their own level. Experience is not necessary but very basic cardiovascular capacity is recommended.

Kundalini Yoga

Our Kundalini Yoga classes are Hatha based that involve progressively difficult flows, challenging Pranayama breathing exercises and integrated meditation. Kundalini refers to creative energy in the body that all Yoga helps cultivate over time, these classes target this directly. Where regular Hatha based classes might explore poses to a greater degree and work to strengthen the body, Kundalini classes will seek to have the student get lost in repetitive flow, flawlessly linking transitions with breath, which is sharpened by specific practices and techniques explored in class. All leading to a final meditation where we often explore the chakra system and Yoga Kundalini philosophy. These classes are Open Level and you are welcome to begin your Kundalini or even Yoga practice here. There is an element of cardiovascular work in these classes. Breathing practices can be intense and hard but there are progressive levels in which they are taught.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a challenging ‘Hatha’ and ‘Vinyasa’ based class that goes over vigorous flows, core based poses, inversions and balance work while still remaining rooted in a traditional Yoga style by containing pranayama breath work. Each class provides a new experience and chance to evolve one’s practice. Basic experience in physical fitness and Yoga is recommended.

Pranayama & Meditation

This is a class specifically designed to build a Yoga breathing & meditation practice. The element of the breath is what distinguishes Yoga from stretching and standard exercise. Breathing practices do a number of things for us depending on the specific technique used. They can keep us focused on the task at hand, relieve stress, stimulate the internal organs, help blood flow and improve meditation. For thousands of years spiritual figures have used deep breathing techniques to change their state of mind and delve into deep meditation. This class is open level and you are encouraged to work at your own level. No experience required.

Yin/Restorative Yoga

A Yin Yoga class is unique in that it usually consists of only of a few poses and held for an extended period. This class is inherently more meditative and are specifically designed to get into stretching and strengthening the tendons and ligaments. This is different from an active Hatha practice which gets more into stretching and strengthening the muscles in comparison. For this reason, a regular Yin practice makes both an ideal starting point and compliment to any practice you might already have. Restorative Yoga also involves holding the similar poses to the same time length. The difference between Restorative and Yin is that the former involves more supportive postures, often using props so the body can relax and recover.

December 1, 2017